rgentine tango is the perfect choice for a wedding first dance. In turn intimate, passionate, exciting to dance and to watch, sensual and playful, tango creates memorable photo and video opportunities. It also is a fantastic way to start your married life, with that little bit of South American passion. Beware though, once bitten by the tango bug, always in love with tango…


Tango wedding first dance


We know you are busy with other wedding arrangements so we’ll make preparing your first dance enjoyable and straight forward. Go on, just enjoy the journey – it’s a beautiful one.

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Hire tango performers for your wedding


Impress your guests with tango performers! Argentine tango is the perfect choice to entertain, amaze and inspire your guests: in turn intimate, passionate, exciting to dance and watch, sensual, fiery and playful – No doubt tango will leave lasting memories!

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“The moment finally came when we had to stand up and dance in front of our guests. Although the stress and pressure of the many eyes around, did take the best of us for the first moments, once we kicked off, we danced in true harmony and had a wonderful time.”

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