Tango    – noun

1. a ballroom dance of Latin-American origin, danced by couples, and having many varied steps, figures, and poses.

2. music for this dance.

This is probably the simplest definition of tango you’re going to get. It’s also the blandest.

In this section, you’ll find a wealth of information to make this definition richer. Here’s just a small selection below!


Blog articles for dancers and budding milongueros


Our blog contains 500 + articles on tango music, tango culture, tango dance tips. This section is dedicated to tango dancers and budding milongueros.

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Tango lyrics


Old school milongueros say it’s impossible to fully interpret a tango song without knowing a little bit about the lyrics. So, we’ve decided to crank up our translation machine and go one step at a time, one song at a time.

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Arthur’s weekly chronicles from the 1930’s


This is the year 1937. Arthur is a fervent tango dancer who decides to make the trip of his life from his native England to Buenos Aires. As he says: ‘My days! Tango in Buenos Aires… even better than French Cancan in Paris and Waltz in Vienna!’. So there he goes, leaving his best milonguero friends behind in the Smoke…

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Dancing tango in London


There is a growing number of regular milongas, practicas and dance events in London, meaning you can now find a venue where to dance tango every evening of the week. Have a look below at the list of the main milongas in London.

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Dancing tango in Buenos Aires


There are so many milongas in Buenos Aires that the Argentines invented the verb ‘milonguear’ (“touring milongas”). If you’re visiting Buenos Aires, you’ll find it hard to avoid them – but why would you do that? Experiencing a milonga will change your perception of tango forever. There are so many, that at first, it can be brain frazzling to decide where to go. Have a look at our favourite ones, it might help!

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