By getting your instructor’s full attention, most people find private classes to be a much better, faster way to learn. Beginners: this is ideal to get to grips with tango fundamentals and take good habits from day one. More advanced dancers: perfect to address your objectives – develop your style, creativity, musicality or strengthen your technique.

» When? Private tuition is available everyday daytime and evenings: 10am to 10pm Monday to Saturday, plus Sunday morning.

» Where? Private tuition can now be taken in person (in our studio) or online (e-tuition) if you prefer to stay at home.

» Contact us before booking if you have no one to partner with during your lesson(s).

Book a private class

If it’s your first approach to tango, we recommend 1.5hr. For those decided about learning tango, we offer private class packages: up to £125 savings!

£70per hour

£105per 90 mins

£140per 120 mins
By booking a class or package you agree to our T&Cs which are here.

Private class packages

To buy a package, simply click on the links below. You can take private classes any time, Monday to Sunday; simply call us or email us to book ahead!

By booking a class or package you agree to our T&Cs which are here.

What you will achieve through private tuition

We’ll work together on a programme that matches your objectives. Topics typically include:

  • Technique: improve your balance, posture and achieve a more natural feel
  • Connection: improve the ‘tango dialogue’ and become great to dance with
  • Musicality: master steps and make improvisation a second nature
  • Style: adornments should be unique to every dancer, and we will help you build your very own repertoire.

What our students say

My partner and I are not exactly spring chickens and we knew it would not be easy familiarising ourselves with a dance culture familiar only from films and stage.

After a couple of beginners’ classes we decided to take private tuition: after tonight’s first lesson we agreed the door had been thrown wide open in a most encouraging way. Such skilled teaching from such a charming couple. Can’t wait to get the Buenos Aires!

Tony Howard, Private classes

If you’re looking for a fab teacher who can make even the clumsiest creature on earth feel confident enough to attempt dancing a whole tango, Bruno is your man!

I’ve been taking private lessons with him for a few months now and his patience, impeccable style, fantastic teaching technique, knowledge and (last but not least!) lovely sense of humor have made my tango lessons one of the most enjoyable, relaxing, uplifting and rewarding moments of the week.

Stefania Trudu, Private classes
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Our curriculum

In our private classes, we also follow our unique methodology centered around our 9 Tango Dimensions to give the sessions a clear structure and objectives.
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