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Girls (like me) just wanna have fun, which probably explains why we all love a dance so much. Guys, on the other hand are not always so keen on dancing, unless they’ve had a drink or 10. Although when they’re sober, it’s fine to kiss and hug other men if a goal was scored. Very odd, but anyway, if you find yourself stuck with a lovely but stubborn partner, try one or two of these tips and tell us which one worked best.



“We get a discount for our first class.”

First group class is just £10.
Believe us:
Good old materialistic considerations always work.

“I’ll look gorgeous”

That’s a good one, and it’s not a lie. Tango is sensual and once you get the gist of walking backwards and dare to throw in a few adornments, you will definitely look gorgeous.

“You’ll meet lots of cool guys and they'll become drinking buddies.”

This is pretty much a lie, at least half a lie. Because of the way tango usually works (men dance with women), as a woman, YOU will meet male partners while on his side, HE will meet female partners. It doesn’t matter though, you can all go and have a drink before or after the class (it won’t come as a surprise that after would be better since drinking usually doesn’t improve anyone’s balance). Actually, we often go and have a drink at the pub across the road after our group classes.

“Tango is really, really, really, really, really good for you.”

If he is a metrosexual and likes to take care of himself, then this fact is definitely the one you need. Because it requires dynamic balance, turning, initiation of movement, moving at a variety of speeds and in different directions, tango has been linked to increased heart health, better balance, improved memory, weight loss and it helps heal neurological disorders.

This one, we didn’t even make up, it’s all true!

“Al Pacino, Antonio Banderas and Arnold Swarzenegger have all danced tango.”

True, and these are the kinds of actors who star in gangster movies and action flicks. Sure, Swarzenegger is a little bit naff at the moment but you still wouldn’t want to get a fight with him.

You tried it all but nothing worked?

If nothing worked, let’s be honest, you tried to play fair but now you might have to resort to threats, emotional blackmails, tears: the artillery.

Well, good luck and no matter how you get there: see you soon on the dance floor. 🙂

If you’re wondering when to start, have a look at our group class schedule.