Immensely useful! Learn the subtle art of walking with Caminata, Caminatas + practica!

Tango is sometimes called the Walking dance. Learn the tricks and tips to vary your caminata, why it matters, and discover by yourself how you could style your tango to make it truly yours. A perfect time to improve your skills.

The evening will start with the Beginner lesson at 7pm (level 1, 1 hour), and will be followed by the Improver lesson (8pm, level 2, 90 minutes), so confident beginners will be able to stay for the second lesson. The second lesson will also be open to Intermediate (level 3) dancers, who will be shown more elaborate technique and steps.

A practica will be following for all to practice and enjoy their tango – free for all students, so we encourage you to stay. Beginners are also welcome, to improve your tango at light speed!

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» 7PM (60-min), Beginners lev. 1: Promenade. So much fun coming your way this week, beginners!
» 8PM (90-min), Improvers lev. 2: Caminata variations. Learn the art of the caminata. Covering technique, and applications.
» 8PM (90-min), Intermediates lev. 3: Advanced Caminata styling. Learn to truly style your dancing and how to add contrast, density, speed and more, on Pugliese, Di Sarli, D’arienzo and more!
» 9.30PM Practica for all (free for students).
» Classes today with Bruno V Abeele (for couples)


» 7PM Class (60′): £15pp. 5 classes £75 £50 here!
» 8PM Class (90′): £20pp (incl. Practica)
» 7PM + 8PM
: £25pp (incl. Practica)
» Practica (no class):

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