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December 14, 2021

November 24, 2021

BLACK FRIDAY 50% off entire Library

By |November 24th, 2021|

This week, for a few days, we are offering 50% off the ENTIRE e-library!
Catch up on your tango from home. individual technique, decorations, vals, milonga, off axis and colgadas, styling, steps, pivots in depth – we covered it all.

Buy any number of lessons (min spend £25) and enjoy a 50% discount on the total. Sweet! Use coupon code BSE9SGV8 at checkout. Bundles excluded.

Visit the LIBRARY »»

Natasha Lewinger and Haris Mihail at Los Angelitos on 28/11

By |November 17th, 2021|

AWESOME! Fabulous maestros Natasha and Haris will be our guests on 28/11 at Los Angelitos, WITH SHOW!

We are thrilled to have Natasha (Bs As) and Haris as our guest teachers and performers on 28th.
Known around the globe for their elegant and precise style, their warmth in their teaching, and inspiring connection, they will give a special VALS class. If you don’t know them, you’re in for a treat!


2pm CONFIDENT BEGINNERS AND IMPROVERS (level 2) with resident teacher Bruno V Abeele. THEME: Introduction to the Rhythms in tango. Very useful to understand how to dance the different rhythms of tango.

3pm VALS SPECIAL with Natasha and Haris. Unmissable! Discover their secrets, and learn how to use the giros and sacadas in VALS. Heads will turn!

4pm to 7.30pm SPECIAL FAREWELL MILONGA with SHOW from Natasha and Haris. DJ Bruno mano a mano with Haris.

Buenos Aires 2022 info meeting

By |November 17th, 2021|


INTERESTED, or just curious about visiting Buenos Aires in 2022? Our trip will be 2 weeks in August, with LOTS of tango (and non tango) activities. 13 tango lessons, visiting the fabulous Argentine capital, witnessing the Worldwide Tango Championships, seeing tango shows and concerts, taking a look at the pampa and area around Buenos Aires… Almost a decade organising this trip and we still have repeat participants, and love it!

Time: 20.00 (allow one hour) at the Hoxley & Porter, 153 Upper St, London N1 1RA  – PLEASE RSVP. We will share a drink and a good chat about the trip. No obligation to join the trip if you come to the meetup.
Time: 11am (allow an hour). Meeting ID: 844 7344 1474, Passcode: tango.
3. You can also request us to call you if you can’t make any of these two dates.

October 13, 2021


By |October 13th, 2021|

On 22/10, Try your first tango steps with our free introduction for beginners!

Tango is nothing short than a fabulous journey including the incredible Aegentinian dance, breathtaking music, and fascinating culture behind, routed in its history and heritage.

The free class is part of the UK Argentine Tango Association TANGO WEEK initiative – a week of free events all around the UK.
No partner or experience required, just join and discover what tango is all about! Adapted to all ages and backgrounds.

What to expect ==

Introduction about Tango heritage and history
A few words about the music and how to understand it
Fundamental technique
First tango steps

Location: UNITY Hall, 277A Upper Street, Angel, London N1 2TZ (tube Angel or Highbury & Islington).

Booking is recommended by sending us a message or calling 020 3560 0532 as we might sell out. Contact us »

NYE Milonga 31.12.2021

By |October 8th, 2021|

Come say farewell to the last month, week, day, and hours of 2021, and welcome 2022 with a huge smile on your face – the year of tango rebirth! NOTE: PLEASE BRING YOUR NEGATIVE LATERAL FLOW TEST.

ONLINE TICKETS ARE NOW CLOSED – please pay at the door.

» Class + milonga: £25 at the door
» Milonga only: £20 at the door

It’s hardly a secret the end of the year is one of our favourite times in the calendar. The cosy food, the funny jumpers (OK, maybe not these), and of course the warm atmosphere.

This year NYE will be special with a TANGO SHOW with Demetrio and Sabrina, a Cocktail artist (yes there is such a thing) which role will be to make you happy the entire evening, the amazing (and very popular) DJ ‘El Tano’ Ivo at the decks, a super friendly milonga, a raffle, shoes and clothes collections, and some other surprises. Promise, we won’t play ‘Final Countdown’ for the last seconds of 2021!

There will also be some party food. We are seconds away from fabulous restaurants if you are hungry!
OPEN TO ALL – you don’t need to come accompanied.

♬♬ TIMES ♬♬
» 7pm – 8pm: Special class (ALL LEVELS). Theme: festive & elegant steps (to get you in the mood).
» 8.15pm – 1.30am: Festive Milonga & Show. Surprises, raffle, party atmosphere. Dress smart, this is the last day of the year after all- the perfect occasion to get your nice suit or dress out and enjoy it fully.

» Location: Unity, 277A Upper street, London N1 2TZ, next to the fire brigade station.
» By tube or bus: Angel or Highbury & Islington tubes, tubes run all night and are free of […]

September 21, 2021

01/10 PRACTICA del Viernes

By |September 21st, 2021|

Welcome to PRACTICA DEL VIERNES, the Practica designed for designed dancers.

This Friday at the PRACTICA DEL VIERNES we are excited to welcome DJ ‘El Tano’ IVO AMBROSI from Italy, who has DJed in many places including Buenos Aires, festivals and marathons in Europe and further afield, incl. Asia. Come for a superb evening of dancing!


7pm – 8pm Complete Beginners class
8pm – 9pm Advanced class: CADENCIAS special. With Paula Duarte and Bruno V Abeele
9pm – 12am PRACTICA for adv. dancers with DJ El Tano


Ivo was born in Verona in 1983 and since childhood, Ivo has been attracted to music while listening and admiring his grandfather who played the accordion with a vast repertoire including tango compositions.

“those hands full of wrinkles, trembling on the keys which produced a sound while besides the rhythm and notes was deeply personal to him, and almost mystical in its source and power to project himself through his music…” this was the pathway for Ivo Ambrosi

After years of stage experience as rock and jazz musician, he moved to Rome and met the Tango world where he was instantly overwhelmed by its implying passion. He soon became fanatic in collecting orchestral works as well as Argentine Tango from the renowned “la vecchia Guardia” to contemporary works.

From 2011 he began to play his selections as DJ guest in the milongas scattered around the Italian capital city.
“living daily in a milonga around different cities represents a thrilling experience for the understanding of cultural differences with which the world of Tango is continuously taking shape. This implies the understanding of the vast world-wide scenario and the musical tastes following an immense growth within the milonga’s communities.

Among the latest events, besides […]

August 26, 2021

UKATA Free week of tango

By |August 26th, 2021|

In October is organised the very first TANGO WEEK by the UK Argentine Tango Association. An exciting week of FREE events for all to try tango, learn the dance, discover its culture and much more!

Tanguito, and Bruno as a Chairman of the Association, is actively involved in developing tango in the UK and as such we have prepared free events during the week:

» Accessible AT ANY TIME from your home: Free ONLINE VIDEOS from Youtube
»» Lesson 1: Tango fundamentals (45 min). View »
»» Lesson 2: Tango: my first steps (45 min). View »

» Friday 22/10 IN PERSON Free Tango Introduction for beginners. Try tango and see what it is all about! All welcome. Information ».

» Thursday 28/10 LIVE at 12pm ONLINE: TANGO Culture: What are Milongas, their values, behind the scenes of a milonga and why they are the cornerstone of tango dancing. View »

Leader. Follower. Man. Woman. Does it matter?

By |August 17th, 2021|

The Long Read
A long long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, some people in some neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires started dancing what will eventually be known as tango. In the streets mainly, just as simple as that – trying combinations and see what was interesting.

It is not entirely clear exactly how it first developed but many agree with one fact: that there were more men than women (due to the recent immigration waves to Argentina). So, more men and less women meant that, in all likelihood, men naturally started to lead and see what would work with the ladies – but also with other men. Because a lot of them wished to train and practice before trying their latest ‘invention’ with the ladies.

It is also likely that, being a very different societal context, it might not have been kindly looked at if ladies approached men and asked them to dance. Different times and different culture.

There is also another factor – physical this time. For those who ever tried to lead in tango, have you tried to lead someone twice your weight? Or much taller? It is no secret that physiologically men are often heavier or taller than women. And in tango, it really helps that the taller / heavier person leads the way and decides on direction, speed etc.

It is of course not always the case that men are bigger – we have ever met, you will know that I’m neither big nor tall. Not short, but not tall either. Not that I mind – after a few decades, you get used to your body and go beyond what used to frustrate you as a child, thank goodness. But the fact remains – I struggle to lead a lady who without heels would be over 1.85m, and to that adding heels of 8 or 9cm… I give you a secret: above that height, if I can’t see past the right shoulder of the follower, and have to lean to the left to see where we are going, I feel like I’ve lost a little of that tango magic 😆. I do know however that tall(er) leaders will love inviting tall(er) ladies as the connection can be superb. I just humbly apologise to them if, at a Milonga, I will hesitate to invite them as height will make aligning the centre of gravity a little tricky. But I will do everything I can to make them the most welcome in my Milongas and perhaps presenting tall(er) leaders.

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