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Passionate, romantic, inspiring, addictive, elegant… This is tango and chances are, you’ll fall in love with it. Why? Because tango is so much more than just a dance: beyond the steps, it is a culture, a music genre, a way of life, a heart to heart experience.

To learn to dance, discover tango’s fascinating heritage (and make new friends along the way), join us now.

Bruno and the team at Tanguito
PS: Watch out – tango is our life and apparently our passion is contagious. 🙂


All group classes are drop in. No partner and no experience needed. You can join the curriculum anytime.

Learn to dance with the highest publicly rated tango school in London

Our unique approach

With us, you know where you are going: we have a yearly plan and each class follows a well-defined structure. This is a unique methodology developed through years of teaching that our tango students will only find at Tanguito.


The year at Tanguito – We organise our academic year around Tango Dimensions™, a framework we developed to make concepts easy to understand and help you find your own style of dancing. You can join our classes at any time, as we cover fundamental technique in every class. To develop a strong understanding of all Dimensions, we recommend you attend classes regularly.

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tango_approach_class_structure Each class at Tanguito – We plan each class carefully so that you develop the skills necessary to become a great dancer and enjoy social dancing: build your repertoire of steps, strengthen your technique and develop your musicality. We also cover tango culture and history. Read more >

Your journey with us – Learning tango is not only about tango classes. Supporting you every step of the way (literally!) is the best approach for you to polish your tango self and progress quickly. You can also review your progress with regular assessments.

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All group classes are drop in. No partner and no experience needed. You can join the curriculum anytime.

Our levels

We have 4 levels: beginners, improvers, intermediates, advanced.

Click on the link to check what to expect to learn at each level.

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Our big events

Every year, we organise two important tango events. In May, we bring Buenos Aires to you with our CHE London! Tango festival and in August, we take you to Buenos Aires for a wonderful tango holidays. Unmissable.

CHE London! Tango Festival

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Che London! Tango Festival

The best maestros come to London for 4 days of workshops and milongas. Get your tango shoes ready! You can sign up to our facebook group to get the latest updates about the festival.

Tango holidays in Buenos Aires

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Tango holidays in Buenos Aires

Join us for the trip of a lifetime to the capital of tango for 2 weeks of intense tango-ing. Have a look at the whole programme.
With our comprehensive approach, you will quickly become great to dance with and great to watch. Because tango is a dance that is both experienced from the inside and the outside.

Delve into tango culture

Did you know? In 2009, Argentine tango was awarded by Unesco the status of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Our blog

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Want to get dance tips or discover more about tango music and culture?

Head to our blog. It contains over 500 articles organised by theme and updated weekly and is the only resource of its kind in the UK.

Orchestra of the month

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Fact: Learning about tango music will make your dancing much much better.

Every month, we pick a tango orchestra, listen to it in class, translate songs, recommend CDs… You’ll become a tango mogul in no time!