AA few months before our wedding celebration, after watching a movie, Ayse and I decided that Tango would be the ideal dance for our wedding night. The learning has been as exciting as the dance itself: it all started in front of the TV.

How we “discovered” tango…

With a big smile, Omar recalls how it all started: “A few months before our wedding celebration, after watching a movie, we decided we needed to try Tango for our wedding dance. Although neither of us had dance Tango before, we both enjoy dancing, and thought it would be a great opportunity to learn something different that hopefully would be with us beyond our wedding night too. Besides, we knew our guests would not expect it and hence they would enjoy it very much.

We found Tanguito by browsing the internet. For our tango wedding dance lessons, we were looking for a school with good reviews and that looked friendly. We soon met Bruno and immediately felt he was perfect for us: very kind, welcoming, encouraging and, most importantly for us, very patient and accommodating.”

We started with private lessons…

“Our experience was one of joy, excitement, and more than anything lots of fun! Bruno’s teaching style made us you feel like we were simply having a party with a friend every week, and almost effortlessly, we found ourselves learning moves and steps, we never thought we could do.

In particular, we enjoyed how he tailored our sessions, steps and techniques to match what we wanted to make of our wedding first dance, while he offered expert advice on what to do and what to avoid, to reach our goal within the limited period of training time available to us.”

Our Big Day finally came

“The moment finally came when we had to stand up and dance in front of our guests. Although the stress and pressure of the many eyes around, did take the best of us for the first moments, once we kicked off, we danced in true harmony and had a wonderful time. The loud noise of friends and relatives clubbing and cheering filled us with pride and joy. Everyone got impressed with our dance!

Looking back at it, it even feels like we wished it lasted longer, as we had an absolute cracking time! To anyone thinking about Tango for their special night: don’t hesitate and go for it – it would add to your wedding an unforgettable experience. We’d recommend Tanguito for their friendly, professional and beautiful approach to teaching first dances. As for us, our big night could not have gone any better.”

Ayse and Omar