We picked up a few offers to make tango even sweeter. Have a look below, there are offers and packages both for group and private classes.


Group class prices & offers

Our group classes
 Our group classes are drop in and you pay at the door. Our group classes are normally £12 for beginners/improvers (one hour classes) and £16 for intermediates/advanced (90-min workshops) but if it’s your first class, you only pay £10 per person. And to save even more, you can save up to £60 with our prepaid group class packages. Have a look, there are lots of different packages available.

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Private class prices & offers

Our private classes
 For many, private classes are just a better, more convenient, faster way to learn how to dance tango. This is where our private class packages can help you enjoy more tango and bag up to £120 savings.

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Tango gift vouchers

gift voucher Tanguito
 Gifts can be a bit tricky. If you are wondering whether yet another book, scarf, tie, CD or DVD will make an impression, why not give the gift of tango instead? Our tango vouchers can come to your rescue and make your gift truly memorable…

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Tango birthday offer

 Book a private tango lesson and get two glasses of coffee or wine and chocolate. The perfect gift, for a perfect afternoon (or evening) to cherish for a long time. And a fantastic way to say “Happy Birthday!”

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