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Argentine tango is the perfect choice for a wedding first dance. In turn intimate, passionate, exciting to dance and to watch, sensual and playful, tango creates memorable photo and video opportunities. It also is a fantastic way to start your married life, with that little bit of South American passion. Beware though, once bitten by the tango bug, always in love with tango…

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A beautiful tango for your wedding

We know you are busy with other wedding arrangements so we’ll make preparing your first dance enjoyable and straight forward. So go on, just enjoy the journey – it’s a beautiful one.

We’ll help you pick a tune that makes you both swoon, steps to make your mum proud, and create a wedding choreography that feels like you: either filled with adrenaline-fueled kicks and flicks, or delicate and sweet. We can also offer advice about wedding dresses.

To get started, simply call us (020 3560 0532), choose a tango wedding package at the bottom of the page, or send us a mail to let us know what you have in mind.


They prepared their first dance with us…

Omar and Ayse tango wedding lessons

Omar and Ayse said: ‘The loud noise of friends and relatives clubbing and cheering filled us with pride and joy. Everyone got impressed with our dance!’ Read about their adventure here.


Gokce and Dennis tango wedding lessons

Gokce and Deniz told us, after their Big Day: ‘The whole choreography went through incredibly smoothly and no moves were forgotten: we were dancing beautifully and in full harmony. Our guests were so moved!’ Discover their moving story here.


Our wedding packages

We have packages to make it simpler for you to get started, but we’ll always be happy to customise one for you – simply contact us if you have specific requirements.

Choreography package

If you’ve decided to learn a full choreography to impress one another and wow your guests, this package is for you. And you SAVE £50!

Discovery package

If you’d just like a quick introduction, this may be just what you need – 2 hours of training, to learn a couple of steps for your Big Day.

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