You can pay for private classes individually (for 1, to 1.5 or 2h), but if you pre-pay a package of 7 classes, the 8th is free.
Have a look below to see what suits you best!


Private tuition price

If it’s your first approach to tango, we recommend 1.5hr, because one hour simply flies!

£60per hour

£90per 90 mins

£120per 120 mins


Private tuition packages

You can save up to £120 with our prepaid packages. If you’d like to buy a package now, simply click on the links below.

£420 Save £60

£630 Save £90

£840 Save £120
Paypal and credit/debit cards acceptedFor payments, you can use a Debit or Credit Card, including Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc; or if you prefer, a Paypal account or (easiest) Bank Direct Transfers. Easy! Just click on the amount of your choice and select your preferred payment method. By booking a class or package you agree to our T&Cs which are here.