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Contrary to the popular say, it doesn’t always take two to tango… In short, you don’t need a dance partner to go to a tango class. In fact, lots of people start tango on their own.

In our group classes and milonga, we make sure everyone gets to dance with a variety of partners, which is the best way to learn. This way, leaders (that’s men in general) are exposed to different followers (that’s ladies in general) and can learn to adapt their lead accordingly. Followers on their side can experience different leading styles and repertoires of steps.

This helps develop your sensibility to different partners and get you ready to go out and enjoy a tango night out in a milonga, where you will have the opportunity to dance with a wide range of people if you want to. Tango is a social dance, you see!

A bonus: by coming regularly, you’ll be surprised by how quickly you meet new faces and make friends!

So come along, just as you are and we’ll make sure you find lots of people to tango with. Because the more people it takes to tango, the merrier.