Music: Osvaldo Donato / Edgardo Donato – Lyrics: Nolo López

Madreselva| Tango song by Canaro spacer_small

This powerful tale of lost love uses lots of strong references to religious concepts, creating a very vivid image of the poet’s feelings. The lyrics are reinforced by the music, creating the impression of being trapped in a strong whirlwind with no hope of happy ending.


The music

Listen to the music and watch a stunning performance by Jimena Hoeffner & Fernando Carrasco, our guest teachers at the 2016 Che London! tango festival:

Listen to the music:


The lyrics

El huracán
El huracán desrraigó con crueldad
el rosal que planté en el jardín
de mi amor que cuidé con afán
y, al nacer una flor, la traición
le cortó sin piedad su raíz
y el rosal nunca más floreció.
Como al rosal mi ilusión la mató
un amor de mujer que mintió.
Cristo soy con mi cruz al andar,
compasión solo doy al pasar.
Vendaval que arrasó mi querer,
huracán transformao en mujer.

The hurricane
A cruel hurricane uprooted the rose bush
I had planted in my love garden
and looked after with tender care.
As the rose bush first blossomed,
with no mercy, betrayal ruthlessly pulled it up.
It never blossomed again.
Like the rose bush, my illusion was slaughtered
by the lies of an enchantress woman.
I feel like the Christ, walking with a cross,
I give her my compassion when she passes by.
My love was destroyed by the gale
of a hurricane turned into a woman.

Fueron sus caricias
llenas de mal y traición,
labios que mintieron despiadados
y al besar su falsa boca
se me helaba el corazón.
Ilusión que se fue,
amor que mató.
Una mala mujer que lleva
el veneno escondido
en su negro corazón.
Her caresses
were full of evil and betrayal,
her ruthless lips full of lies,
my heart froze
when I kissed her deceitful mouth.
My Illusion went away with this murderer love.
An evil woman carried it away,
poison hidden away in her wicked heart.
Te perdoné porque odiar yo no sé,
ni rencor para ti guardaré
sólo sé que su mal derrumbó
el Edén que hilvané con fervor,
luz de amor que jamás volverá
a alumbrar a mi fiel corazón.
Vago sin fe con mi cruz de dolor,
hoy vivir para mí es crueldad
juventud que le di sin dudar
y jugó sin piedad con mi amor.
Vendaval que arrasó mi querer,
huracán transformao en mujer.
I forgave you because I do not know how to hate,
I will not keep any rancour towards you.
I only know that her evil
overthrew the Eden I had grown with so much fervour.
The light of love never again
will enlighten my faithful heart.
I wander without faith carrying my cross of pain.
For me, living is now senseless.
I gave her my youth without hesitation
and she played mercilessly with my love.
My love was destroyed by the gale
of a hurricane turned into a woman.


El huracán has been translated by Tanguito, Argentine Tango Academy in London. If you have any comment or have other interpretations of the lyrics, please feel free to share your opinion, we’d love to hear what you think. 🙂

Nathalie, Tanguito