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Our beginner classes are the perfect format to explore tango – an intimate, passionate, exciting, sensual, fiery and playful dance. The perfect set-up to explore a new world, and who knows, fall in love with it too!

And if you think starting tango is scary: in our beginner class, everyone is, well… a beginner, so come along and give it a go!


No booking needed. No partner required.

Beginner class schedule

No booking and no partner needed for group classes.

Fridays – Every week Sundays
Beginner & improver class:

Practica (social dancing):

Beginner & improver class:

Milonga and tea dance:

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In our classes, you’ll find…

  • A structured approach using a yearly curriculum, which you can join at any time.
  • A fun and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Structured lessons to help you intuitively grasp the concepts we cover.
  • The perfect mix between essential technique and creative exploration of tango dancing.
  • Discovery of tango culture and music, a passionate and fascinating universe in itself.
  • The study of fundamental tango steps to help your create your own choreographies.
  • No need to bring a partner.


Our approach to teaching

We teach with an original technique using modern tools to produce happy, shiny, dancy people. Our group and private lessons are fun, relaxed and structured to make you progress quickly, regardless of your previous dance experience. Ultimately, we want you to become great to watch, and even greater to dance with.

A well rounded approach to dancing tango

  • Self awareness: couple dancing starts with both partners having a good awareness of their own body positioning. In our beginner classes, we help you develop good habits from day one and learn the basic tango technique, including posture and walking.
  • Connexion: dancing tango is like having a wordless conversation with your partner. We explore how to build a pleasant embrace and how to establish an efficient and smooth communication with your partner through the art of leading & following.
  • Expression: we study the most fundamental and emblematic tango steps and help you link them up together yourself to create your own choreographies. We don’t believe in teaching routines and will instead help you develop your tango creativity.
  • Authenticity: we simply love tango music and history and have been told our passion is contagious. In class, we introduce new orchestras on a regular basis so that you get you used to different rhythms. We also translate songs – it is always a bonus to dance on a song when you understand whether to laugh or to cry. We also give tips about how to best enjoy milongas, these atmospheric tango parties where everything comes together like magic.