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Our group classes are £12 for beginner class, £16 for intermediate class and £20 for 2 classes (taken on the same day), including up to 3 hours of social dancing. We have an Online Exclusive Offer of up to £10 OFF your first group class. You can prepay now or download your voucher here.

Larger discounts are also available with our pre-paid group class packages.

Have a look and if you find yourself dancing about already, well… we’re looking forward to meeting you!


We follow a yearly curriculum which you can join at any time. Attending classes from every Dimension we cover will help you gather a well-rounded mastery of tango dancing.


Introduction offer

Take advantage of our Online Exclusive Offer for your first class.

£10 Save up to £10

Group class packages for Beginners & improvers

We know you are busy tangoing bees, so we’ve kept our group class packages very flexible. Beginner & improver classes are 60 minutes and are all followed by a practica or milonga (in Angel) so that you can practice what you’ve learned.

£84 Save £12

£180 Save £60

Group class packages for Intermediates & Advanced

Our intermediate group classes are 90 minutes and give you access to up to 3 hours of practica or milonga social dancing. Great to practice what you’ve just learned.

£112 Save £16

£160 Save £60

Unlimited passes

You are an intermediate but would like to attend every class, beginner & intermediate to get more chance to practice or to review some of the fundamental technique (always a good idea!). Our unlimited passes are exactly what you need.

£130 Save up to £70

£350 Save up to £250