If your first thought about tango was ‘fizzy and orange’, then you’re probably new to the idea of dancing Argentine tango. We’ve packed a lot of exciting content in this section. You can start with the few pages we’ve selected below!

We hope to meet you soon and share our passion for Argentine tango, so give us a go. When it all clicks into place, the sparkling of Argentine tango lasts infinitely longer than the orange, fizzy version.

Beginner classes


If you’re completely new to tango, you can join our Beginner classes on Wednesday and Sunday, and maybe stay a bit longer for the social dancing – a great opportunity to practice what you’ve learned or simply socialise.

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Milonguita, our Sunday practice time for beginners


If you are a beginner or still milonga-shy, why not join us on Sunday for our Milonguita? Located in the hall adjacent to the main milonga, Milonguita is a space to practice and socialise with no pressure.

Milonguita >




If you’ve got any question… like, I dunno, what to wear, can be found on our FAQs. Or send us a mail with your questions, your suggestions or anything you’d like to chat about – we’d love to hear about you!

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Blog articles for non tango dancers and recent beginners


You’ll find a selection of blog posts specially dedicated to non tango dancers or recent beginners – a bit about the history of tango, a bit about the dancing, a bit about the music and inspiring videos. *Sweet*

Blog for beginners >


Tango facts & fairytales

Argentine tango London | Fact and fairytales spacer_small

Over the years of its history (over a 100 years, that is), no wonder Argentine tango accumulated a few stereotypes or even – and that’s where it gets interesting – fairytales.

Tango facts and fairytales >


First time don’t have to be scary


For those of you who might feel a bit nervous or apprehensive about attending your first tango class, remember, there is a first for everything and by definition, it only lasts once. So just take the plunge.

First times don’t have to be scary >