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Gentlemen – from me to you, obviously, you can’t simply say no because that is the best way to get yourself in trouble. Your best bet is to pretend you are willing to start immediately, then leisurely drop in one of these excuses and see what happens. They are all fairly high risk strategies, though. Be warned… If I were you, I think I would just go with the flow.

— Bruno

“There will be lots of other guys there for you to dance with. You don't need me”

Yup, lots of guys: sexy Latino men and that guy from her work who is just ‘”such a nice guy”. Hmm, doesn’t exactly work in your favour, does it?

“Tango's not really my thing but we can do something else”

This might feel like an off the cuff remark to you but she’ll probably will remember this: when she wants to try that yoga club, that flower arranging course or that life drawing class (there’s 50% chance that the naked person will be a man – a naked man in the room with you. Do you really want to risk it?). Or… worse.

“I totally forgot, that's the nights I have to work late”

At least the pub will be making more money on… Wednesdays now (the day of our Complete beginner classes). Better stock up on the breath mints and not answer the phone in a noisy pub environment though!

“It'll be really embarrassing if I go. I can't dance.”

In theory, this excuse is good but chances are, she’ll probably think it’s so cute that you’re insecure about dancing that she’ll want to help you overcome your fear. This just might make her more determined that you go.

“I think I've pulled a muscle in my arm, so I won't be able to go”

The good old football injury claim.

Well, if it works for a penalty…

She still insists?

It doesn’t look good eh? Why fight it, you might even actually enjoy it and if you don’t then at least you’ve shown that you’ve tried. Plus, there’s a discount on the first class, so there’s not much to loose!

If you want to send us an excuse that made her laugh, we’ll include it in the list! See you soon on the dancefloor, however!