Postcards from Buenos Aires, lost in the post for 75 years

Read Arthur’s weekly chronicles from the 1930’s

This is the year 1937. Arthur is a fervent tango dancer who decides to make the trip of his life from his native England to Buenos Aires. As he says: ‘My days! Tango in Buenos Aires… even better than French Cancan in Paris and Waltz in Vienna!’. So there he goes, leaving his best milonguero friends behind in the Smoke


That’s how it all started…

Arthur soon finds out there’s much more to tango than he had imagined – this is the Golden Age of tango, after all, as it will later be called. He decides to write to his friend back home to share his precious discoveries.

Blame the Argentine mail service; blame the English mail service but the postcards never reached their destination… Until now, that is. Lost in the mail for 75 years!

We’ve come across them by chance and have published these lost postcards. You can find them at milongas throughout London, so don’t forget to pick one up next time you go for a dance! If you cannot make it to a Milonga, read on, we’ve posted selected ones below…


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