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Free online lessons for all on 21/03 to celebrate one year of e-tango

By |March 12th, 2021|

To all our wonderful students,


Pushed by the Covid crisis to do so, one year ago we embarked into a journey of teaching tango group lessons online, something that we never did before. Little did we know that a year later, we would still teach online – with the end of the crisis in view.

On the way, we received incredible support from so many dancers, from all over the globe – from Asia – Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam and more to Argentina and wider South America, from the US to Canada and Mexico, from the UK to wider Europe and places further afield, such as Jordan or New Zealand and new Caledonia.

As a huge, heartfelt thank you, we organise this free lesson for all, starting as usual by the first part (Beginners and Improvers) and followed by the second part (Intermediates and Up). We will teach a ‘best of’, a selection of lessons during the last year.



Direct Link:

Connect to the link above before class starts.
See you there 🙂
Paula and Bruno, Tanguito

DISCLAIMER: you can join or watch a lesson provided that you are fit and well enough to take part, and are doing so in a safe environment. We cannot take responsibility in the event of injury during lessons, so joining is at your entire discretion. Full terms are on our website.


August 26, 2020

Tanguito Programme September and October 2020

By |August 26th, 2020|

Our September and October programme is out! We have prepared an exciting series of workshops, ranging from Enrosques to Colgadas to Technique for Solo dancers. The Back to School season will be busy for every tango lover :). And also, we are preparing our big COME BACK to Unity with our first Workshop and Guided Practica on Sunday 06/09 (hopefully followed by others).

» Friday 28/08 Pure Technique, styling & adornos
» Sunday 30/08 Tango: CONTRA Energy in tango II

» Tuesday 01/09 Tango Workout for Solo dancers
» Wednesday 02/09 Tango: Pauses, delays and stops
» Friday 04/09 Pure Technique for Solos: defy gravity in your pivots (and some enrosque technique)
» Sunday 06/09 Tango: Enrosques for him & her (online AND at Unity)

» Wednesday 09/09 Tango: Cadencias for a superb tango experience I
» Friday 11/09 Pure Technique for Solos: Fundamental tips or how to make your tango partner happy
» Sunday 13/09 Tango: Cadencias II

» Tuesday 15/09 Tango Workout for Solo dancers
» Wednesday 16/09 Tango: Colgadas
» Friday 18/09 Pure Technique for Solos: how to practice at home
» Sunday 20/09 Tango: Single axis turns

» Wednesday 23/09 Tango: Volcadas
» Friday 25/09 Pure Technique for Solos: Spatial awareness in tango
» Sunday 27/09 Tango: Changes of dynamics

» Tuesday 29/09 Tango Workout for Solo dancers
» Wednesday 30/09 Tango: Pauses, delays and stops

» Friday 02/10 Pure Technique for Solos: Alignment and lower body position
» Sunday 04/10 Tango: Changes of dynamics

» Wednesday 07/10 Tango: Kicks and Patadas
» Friday 09/10 Pure Technique for Solos: fundamentals of leading vs following
» Sunday 11/10 Tango: Passive vs Active leading and following

» Tuesday 13/10 Tango Workout for Solo dancers
» Wednesday 14/10 Tango: Up? Down? Using Height in tango I
» Friday 16/10 Pure Technique for Solos: Fabulous footwork
» Sunday 18/10 Tango: Up? Down? […]

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