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We are (‘small tango’ in spanish – pronounced tang-eeto)! We live and breathe tango. We do all things tango-related: classes, milongas, events, clothing & holidays to Buenos Aires.

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12th Anniversary party at Tanguito

By |July 26th, 2023|

Julian Vilardo & Andrea Kuna teaching at Tanguito in August

By |July 26th, 2023|

What a treat this August! We are excited to welcome two maestros from Argentina, the vice Tango World Champion Andrea Kuna and Julian Vilardo, who will give two exclusive days of teaching and workshops at Tanguito in August. Read about them below. They will also perform at a Milonga Los Angelitos. Don’t miss them! Extraordinary skilled dancers, mixing Stage and Salon, their style is unique and intoxicating.

They will explore with you two topics, Sudden changes of energy, and Inspiring sequences in close embrace – something you will love for its approachable creativity. Milonga Los Angelitos will welcome you in its warm environment.

♬♬ PROGRAMME: 13/08/2023 ♬♬

» SHOW at Los Angelitos: in the afternoon

♬♬ PROGRAMME: 20/08/2023 ♬♬

» 2PM (60-min): Improvers. Changes of direction. For confident beginners, we will explore how to change the direction of the dance with steps and technique, keeping the line of dance in mind.
» 3PM (90-min) Intermediates and Advanced: Sudden changes of energy. Now that is exciting! Play with your tango, bring that element of surprise in your dance, without losing your control, when it feels just right with the music. Absolute fun!
» Both classes with Julian and Andrea.
» 4.30PM – 7.30PM Social dancing Milonga LOS ANGELITOS for all to enjoy. Guest DJ Julian!

♬♬ PROGRAMME: 27/08/2023 ♬♬

» 2PM (60-min): Improvers. Closing the embrace. Learn the tricks and technique behind closing the embrace. This useful session will equip you with the understanding of what needs to happen to close the embrace, whilst retaining clarity of communication.
» 3PM (90-min) Intermediates and Advanced: Inspiring Sequences in Close Embrace. We will use the technique described in the first class, and apply it to more challenging (but inspiring) sequences, exploring how to use the different parts of the embrace to […]

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