A true tango leader has to train themselves to be the masters of multitasking. Leading, making the lady feel special, watching around for hazards, planning ahead, listening to the music (and interpreting it), there is a lot on the plate for leaders. As tricky as it sounds, the more you practice the more naturally it will come to you; until you no longer have to think about anything but the music and your beautiful tango dance partner.


4. Assessment

Assessing your partner’s level of acquired tango can be the make or break of your time dancing together. Beginning with the basics should be a clear indication. If they’re struggling with these, find out what they can do and play around with that.

If they can do everything well, gradually introduce new steps. If they haven’t come across one before, don’t turn your dance into a lesson, simply slip into another step and carry on. It’s perfectly fine to return to neutral before continuing if things have really gone pear shaped.


5. Style

Perfecting your own unique style will certainly boost people’s recognition of you being a good tango dancer. Practice adornments and work in your own personal strengths to form your own tango approach. You have the advantage of choosing which order the steps will be in, and indeed which steps you will be performing, so play to your strengths but without compromising your partner’s.


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Abrazo, Emma
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