Gifts & events

Life can be tough sometimes.
Getting up early in the morning to face a ‘signal failure’ in the tube… Realising too late you’re wearing odd socks…

But fortunately, life’s also filled with very special moments: celebrating birthdays or simply successes in life, sharing a new experience with close friends… And what about special days like Father’s / Mother’s day, Valentine’s Day?


Making life that little bit sweeter

I need a gift, quick!
Looking for something that will brings a big smile? If tango is your friend’s, frenemy’s or grumpy boss’s thing (and even if it’s not!), have a look at our GIFT VOUCHERS. They’re there just for that – to celebrate life’s special moments.

Yey!! I’m getting married! (Or am invited to a wedding)
If you are getting married, you will want to shine when your First Dance comes. Don’t be shy, take a look at our WEDDING DANCE PACKAGES.

Or, if you have been invited to a wedding, you may want offer something wonderful to the lovebirds: a GIFT VOUCHERS to prepare their first dance?


I’m a business… is there something for me?
Yes there is… if you are a business and would like to use tango to reward your employees or organise events, we’d love to help. Please look at the tango for businesses page for more information.