Sometimes knowing which level we’re at in Tango makes it easier to understand the road ahead, the points of improvements to focus on, and more. It’s also useful to know which group classes to join, and how to position ourselves in the tango community.

We’re introducing Tanguito Level Certification, at four levels coinciding with our group lessons and generally portable to a lot of tango schools: Beginner (Lev 1), Improver (lev 2), Intermediates (Lev 3) and Advanced (Lev 4).

You can apply as a leader, a follower or as a couple (in which case each dancer will be assessed separately and together).

Details and How to apply

Each level will have a set of requirements, in the following areas:
– Individual technique: e.g. balance, precision, posture, embrace and communication); plus level specific technique
– Repertoire (or how to respond to this repertoire as a follower)
– Musicality / connection to the music (applicable to higher levels only)
– Note that for Vals and Milonga are required for Level 3 and 4 (level specific)

The process to apply for these certificates is as follows:

– Contact us to book a first private tuition session, the “preliminary session”, a session of 90 min during which we will explain the process and make a first assessment of your level; we will share the requirements needed for the level to be passed and the certificate to be awarded.
– If you apply as a couple the first session will need to be of 120 min
– If necessary, you can book individual sessions to prepare for your certification of the level we have identified together
– A second session, the “certification session”, will last 90 minutes, during which we will go through the different points that need a ‘Pass’ for the certification to be awarded
– If the level isn’t sufficient for a ‘pass’, you can practice (with or without private tuition) as much as needed and book another Certification Session to try again.
– A maximum period of 4 months can pass between the preliminary session and the certification session. If you reapply for another Certification Session (if no pass was awarded) the same time limit applies.


Preliminary session and Certification session (including Certificate if passed successfully): £290pp (for a couple, £490)
Private tuition to prepare for the certification are at usual costs (please see our private tuition page)

Contact us for more information.