We strongly believe that the tango community is trustworthy, caring and careful about the safety of the other dancers. We need to do all we can to minimise the risks of transmission of the virus so we are, for the time being, implementing some rules for classes and Milongas:

Precautionary Covid measures (until further notice):

» please do NOT attend a class, Milonga or practica if you feel unwell, have some of the Covid symptoms or feel there is a risk you might have been in contact with someone infected (or have been asked to self isolate by NHS).

» we will allow participants to clearly indicate if they are ready to dance with other participants or would rather stay with their partner: if you’d rather stay away from other dancers you can apply a sticker (provided).

» to help reduce contact with cash, we encourage you to purchase a ticket online ahead of the event, up to 24h prior to event – please do so any time you can. The information you provide will be used to contact you if a problem happens. PLUS, ONLINE TICKETS ARE CHEAPER.

» you can form groups of 6 and reserve a table. Call us/whatsApp ahead (07891 336575) to indicate you will be coming as a group; we will reserve a space for you.

We will also:

» check your temperature at entrance.
» provide sanitizers.
» maximise air flow circulation and clean common areas with disinfectant.
» show you where you can scan the Track and Trace QR code once at our venue.

These measures will be adapted to regulations and recommendations from the authorities.