Dear friends and students, please note that by booking a private class with us, you agree with the following.

Your obligations, and ours

If you (or someone in your household, or someone you are in close contact with) are suspecting you might have caught Covid-19, or if you have felt unwell with a cough or high temperature or any associated symptoms in the last two weeks, we ask you to inform us and reschedule the class. Please note that we will apply the same to ourselves and inform you if we feel there is any known and identified risk to you.

In addition, we will take the precautionary measures to clean the studio before you come for your lesson. We will provide disposable towels so you can wash your hands and dry them following NHS 20s hand washing guidance. You can, but at this time are not obliged to, come and dance with a face mask and gloves – we will follow the government regulations on this matter and amend this when necessary.

Nevertheless, you understand that risk associated with dancing, and agree with the following:

By booking a private class, or purchasing a class package, you (of 18 years of age or more) voluntarily assume all risk involved in such activities — whether expected or unexpected, and fully understand the nature of the activities (dancing in close proximity). It is your responsibility to verify that your health allows you to safely join the classes and you are not within a group deemed ‘at risk’.

Tanguito and its directors shall not be responsible for (and you hereby release Tanguito from) any claims, injuries, illnesses, damages or other losses from any cause whatsoever, in connection with the classes you have taken.

It is your responsibility to join a proper insurance scheme covering you against the risks associated to dancing, before joining the classes. As such you confirm you are appropriately insured to join such activities (including risks from global pandemics).

Last update 20/07/2020