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Link to Vals & Milonga Package: 5 full lessons (beginners followed by intermediates)


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» LESSON 1: 08/04 Milonga: Introductions & fundamentals

We love MILONGA! Discover the time signature of milongas in the first part (BEGINNERS), and the basic milonga steps to get started. In the second part (INTERMEDIATES), learn more complex (but equally as fun) sequences, directly usable for the dance floor: giros, milonga style, and changes of speed!


» LESSON 2: 26/04/2020 VALS Primer: time signature and fundamentals

First part beginners: learn the basics of the tango vals. Second part Intermediates & up: explore the vals time signatures and learn sequences specifically designed for vals.


» LESSON 3: 24/05/2020 Milonga: fun combinations

Join us for an afternoon of Milonga lisa and traspie. We will play with the time signature and the phrasing, demonstrating how to make it high-spirited and lively. Fun fun fun!


» LESSON 4: 02/08/2020 Milonga: Lisa & Traspie

MILONGA! Dancing it brings an infinite amount of joy and fun to everyone. Join us to learn how to enjoy its different speeds and combinations, so you are truly 100% MILONGA ready for your next outing! Milonga Lisa & Traspie variations.


» LESSON 5: 09/08/2020 Vals special: Cadenas

The name alone makes every tango dancer want to get on the floor and twirl, until the world around fades and becomes a distant memory. Learn how to use vals’ beautiful cadenas, whilst retaining a strong connection with music and partner. Heads will turn this Sunday!