Off Axis bundle: Volcadas, Colgadas & Single Axis (4 lessons, tot. 6 hours)


Off Axis bundle: Volcadas, Colgadas & Single Axis (4 lessons, tot. 6 hours)

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OFF AXIS BUNDLE: master all these mighty off axis movements!
ABOUT your pack: each lesson includes two parts, the first for beginners and improvers, and the second for intermediates and up. Intermediates, we recommend you watch the first part as a solid introduction.

» LESSON 1 & 2: Colgadas vs Single Axis Turns part I & II: a fascinating journey into the conquest of gravity in Tango!

Finally master the mighty Colgadas and their nemesis the Single Axis turn, understand their differences, how to achieve stability, and practice to create that out of axis effect.

» LESSON 3 & 4: Astonishing Volcadas part I and II.

Tango’s Leaning Tower of Pisa, in Volcadas leader and follower use an deep interdependence for balance and axis. Master these beautiful tango steps and make them part of your repertoire!

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Link to Off Axis bundle: Volcadas, Colgadas, Single Axis (beginners followed by intermediates)


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