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Link to Leg Interaction bundle: 8 lessons covering Ganchos, Enganches, Paradas, Patadas and Barridas (beginners followed by intermediates)


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» LESSON 1 & 2: Paradas vs Pasadas part I & II: learn when movement stops or carries on around and above legs.

Paradas and pasadas, used when phrasing comes to an end or as an accent in the song, are every leader’s best friend. Learn the technique behind these two families of steps, and discover new variants with exciting combinations alternating legs and points of contact. A must for every tango dancer.

» LESSON 3 & 4: Astonishing Patadas (kicks) part I and II: impressive in between (and away) sudden leg movements.

Patadas (kicks) not only look spectacular, they also feel incredibly good when lead and executed well. Add them to your repertoire (or explore new ones) to add a zing to your tango.

» LESSON 5 & 6: Leaders and Followers Barridas (sweeps) part I and II: “sweet sweeps” of the feet, by both leaders and followers.

Barridas (also called Arrastres) are both beautiful and inspiring, as they highlight a true connection between the dancers. Enrich your understanding and depth of Leaders Barridas and add the Followers Barridas to your footwork.

» LESSON 7 & 8: Amazing Ganchos (hooks) and Enganches (wraps) part I and II: the ultimate in leg interaction.

The mighty Ganchos and Enganches… true tango icons. Explore the art behind them, how to maintain balance and communication and have fun with different dynamics, for him and her. Add new combinations that will delight everyone who loves tango. Also includes exercises to solo dancers to perfect them.