26/06/2020 Pure Technique: Slowing it Down

26/06/2020 Pure Technique: Slowing it Down


They say Tango is the Walking Dance ‘par excellence’.
So, to truly master tango, we need to learn to slow down. Yet, it proves to be perhaps the most difficult aspect of learning tango as often balance is a challenge when slowing down. Join to discover why it is important, and how to do it. Exercises for solo dancers, taking a look at the music, strengthening drills – to make your tango beautiful – one step at a time.


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Link to 26/06/2020 Pure Technique: Slowing it Down workshop (leaders then followers)

Did you miss the LIVE lesson? No worries, you can purchase the view to the lesson. We simply ask you NOT to share the link once you have purchased it – it will be for your eyes only :).


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Each lesson is 45 min long, so the total video time is 1.5 hours.


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