If you speak to a tango dancer they will more often than not refer to tango as their ‘passion’ as opposed to it being a hobby or sport they enjoy. So what is it that makes people feel so passionate about tango?

Having done some research, we can reveal our top 12 findings. We shared 6 of them with you yesterday, now here’s the final 6:

Part 2/2

7. Tango is a healthy indulgence – unfortunately many of the most enjoyable aspects of life come at a price… food, alcohol, shopping… that’s not just me right? But tango is the opposite. It’s all gain! You are not consuming calories to have a good time; in fact you are burning them. Tango is guilt free.
8. Tango is rewarding – tango is a skill that pays off. All the learning is done in classes, and then you get to showcase what you’ve learnt by dancing at milongas. By doing this dancers feel like they have achieved something and are using what they have learnt in something worthwhile and rewarding. The more you practice the better you will dance at a milonga. You get out of it what you put in which is another reason why tango can be so addictive.
9. Tango is sociable – every aspect of tango is sociable. During classes you meet new people every week, and also begin to get to know the regulars; often befriending them. Milongas are also social dance events, filled with people all with the same passion as you – tango. Milongas are unusual in that men and women who have never met before dance together, so those that would usually struggle to strike up conversation with unfamiliar faces tend to love milongas.
10. Tango is unique – Milongas have an atmosphere you only get, well, at a milonga. They provide a unique experience. Today, they seem rather old fashioned, with ladies waiting to be invited to dance on a structured dance floor – a complete contrast from modern day clubs. It’s also an insight in Argentinean culture in Buenos Aires, which is of course where tango was founded. It’s an exclusive experience that tango dancers believe fills a missed gap in modern day society.
11. Tango is a shared experience – Argentine tango is always danced with a partner. It’s an unspoken dialogue between two people, conveying personal messages only through movement. Engaging with another person successfully is reassuring for even the most confident person and as humans we crave reassurance and stability.
12. Tango is improvised – being improvised with the lead constructing a dance on the spot; you will never do the same dance twice. It’s a very thrilling, spontaneous genre of dance. There are no routines to practice and perfect which often bores or puts stress on people. Mistakes occur in milongas, it’s to be expected but overcoming these mishaps only adds to the excitement!

Emma Langschied