If you’ve ever been to a tango class or a tango party, you might have noticed how diverse the tango population is – tango dancers come in all ages, shapes and sizes. This diversity is what makes tango exciting. Now, the reasons why people start tango are as varied as the tango scene itself…


1. The opportunist looking for a new hobby

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Some people just get to tango by chance. They might be looking for a hobby and somehow, almost by chance, ran into tango – they might have a friend who dance tango and who convinced them to give it a try, or a tango class opened next to their office and they thought “why not?”.

In other circumstances, given the chance, they might have picked up knife throwing instead, who knows?


2. The music or dance lover

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Others start tango because they simply love the music, or because they have seen a tango show that left them in awe and thinking “I want to do that too.”

Midnight Tango, Tango Fire or Strictly Come Dancing has definitely kindled the love of tango in more than one person.


3. The couple

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Quite a few people start tango as a way to do something new with their partner. Dancing tango is commonly compared to speaking a language and so picking up tango is a great hobby to share with one’s other half.


4. The secret artist

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Quite a few tango dancers work in intellectually demanding fields – a lot of people of the dance floor are actually lawyers, doctors, researchers, engineers… We had a chat one day with an eager tango dancer who by day worked in the City and who explained that his job was so intellectual, that he was looking for a hobby where he could both express himself and use his body.


5. The health benefit seeker

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Tango does help with body posture, coordination, lower back problems. It also helps sculpt and tone the body. It also relieves stress, so it’s not suprising that some people start tango for health benefits.

Whatever brings you to tango, tango will in fact bring you 10 times more than what you think it will.

See you soon on the dancefloor!


Nati y Bruno