We all have a different story that brought us to tango in the first place – whether it is the nagging wife or girlfriend, the cute guy who made us swoon, the tune that gave us goosebumps, the simple desire to do something creative and artistic, Strictly’s wild leg moves… Something made us start tango, and something made us continue dancing: once a week, then twice a week, then 3 times a week… You might know the story.

We’ve asked people around us what tango was to them and we’re publishing a series of blogs with their genuine answers! After all, talking about tango is the next best thing after actually dancing tango.


“It feels like we’re really dancing”. The anonymous lady

This is the comment that motivates me the most since I started my tango journey. Initially, I couldn’t hear the music (or rather, I couldn’t hear the beat) – and was merely executing moves in a soulless manner. It was not until about 8 months in, when I was convinced I was missing a part of brain that appreciates musicality, that there was a profound change – the beat had suddenly become apparent to me. A few days later, while dancing with the anonymous lady, she gave me the above compliment. Though I still lose the beat every so often, I now realise it was a breakthrough moment in my tango learning.

With classes and milongas every night of the week, and a seemingly endless supply of dance partners, I must confess it’s easy to be seduced by the London tango scene. In an evening, it’s quite typical to approach a young lady, fail to catch each other’s names properly, but then have a beautiful tango together. I find that the experience is always better if it’s a favourite piece of music, usually something by Di Sarli or Canaro.

For me, the great tango experiences only happen once in a while, though most tend to be good and some mediocre; and of course there are the bad days too when nothing seems to go right.

But when things do go well, it is like the giving and receiving of a beautiful gift.



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Abrazo, Nathalie

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