Tanguito | Tango to you

We all have a different story that brought us to tango in the first place – whether it is the nagging wife or girlfriend, the cute guy who made us swoon, the tune that gave us goosebumps, the simple desire to do something creative and artistic, Strictly’s wild leg moves… Something made us start tango, and something made us continue dancing: once a week, then twice a week, then 3 times a week… You might know the story.

We’ve asked people around us what tango was to them and we’re publishing a series of blogs with their genuine answers! After all, talking about tango is the next best thing after actually dancing tango.


When I first saw the Argentine tango danced in front of me it had such a profound effect on me, unlike any other form of dance. I was moved emotionally, I got caught up in the passion, the story, the sweeping movements. It was elegant yet rough, peaceful yet fierce, fluid yet controlled. I knew from that moment, I wanted to learn how to do that.

When I dance tango I feel a sense of freedom, fun and self-expression. I continue to learn because I enjoy it building on the skills I’ve leant so far and I also love the sense of achievement when you learn and master a new sequence or move.

I have had previous dance experience (having been a street dance teacher) but I’m not used to the more structured/technique-driven style and I think that’s why I enjoy it too.

It’s nice, as a follower, to have that connection with a partner that enables you to completely surrender to their lead. I found it difficult to relinquish control at first(!), but when you do, surprisingly it’s the most freeing thing.

The challenges I face are generally due to the frustration of not grasping the technique or steps as quickly as I would like to. Patience is definitely a must with this dance – you will not learn it in a week!



Come back in a few days for our next blog post! And do let us know if you’d like to be featured in this series!

Abrazo, Nathalie

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