We all have a different story that brought us to tango in the first place – whether it is the nagging wife or girlfriend, the cute guy who made us swoon, the tune that gave us goosebumps, the simple desire to do something creative and artistic, Strictly’s wild leg moves… Something made us start tango, and something made us continue dancing: once a week, then twice a week, then 3 times a week… You might know the story.

We’ve asked people around us what tango was to them and we’re publishing a series of blogs with their genuine answers! After all, talking about tango is the next best thing after actually dancing tango.

Here is the full series of “what is tango to you?” – thanks a lot to everyone who’s contributed. (I’ve contributed too!)

Tanguito | Tango to you

“I was once asked to describe the perfect tango moment… So here it is, a mix of very dear memories of milongas here and there…” – Nathalie


“When I first saw the Argentine tango danced in front of me it had such a profound effect on me, unlike any other form of dance. I was moved emotionally….”Abigail


“It feels like we’re really dancing” – The anonymous lady

This is the comment that motivates me the most since I started my tango journey.John


“Tango is closing your eyes, trusting your partner”Chris and Meredith


“For me personally, when I was a kid, I used to dance on my own to music. I also tend to express my happiness… Sep


“Tricked, by a friend… lulled into a false sense of security and then blindsided by tango classes.”Marc


“I decided I wanted to learn tango when I saw that famous scene of Al Pacino dancing in Scent of a Woman – it made me think “I have to learn this stuff.”Neel


“When I was a teenager, I played the accordion. I loved (and still love) the sound of this instrument, however, the focus was on Bavarian folkloric music which I found utterly uncool…”Susanne


“Memory, Loss and Memory Loss…”Tash


Abrazo, Nathalie

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