This is what Tash answered when asked “What do you do differently now that you dance tango?”

Read on to hear her whole story. It’s fun and endearing – same as her!


What has changed most is that I now find myself randomly practicing tango – I think of it as Tango Tourettes. I often find myself practicing my “neutral tango posture” for example, when standing on the train. However, I try not to do this during rush hour to avoid being accused of pushing, or menacingly leaning into someone.

Waiting for the toaster opens a whole new world or adornments. Talking about adornments, I really enjoy throwing some in when dancing to nursery rhymes with my daughter (yes, it is possible!).

Argentine tango London | green light spacer_small

Of course, I practice pivoting while waiting for the kettle to boil. I also do one-legged squats whilst brushing my teeth and I ocho-walk through the kitchen. By the way, I found that practicing dissociation as you walk with the green man when crossing roads is the best way to improve your ochos and giros.


Something completely new to me: I now actually enjoy sweeping the kitchen as a means to improve my walking technique (much to my mum’s delight).

Because of tango, I find that listening to other forms of music is at an all time low – and it takes a little time to adjust watching people dancing to other forms of music and not stepping to the beat. I also regularly wonder which other songs on my ipod I could tango to e.g. ‘Notorious’??

I find that when I’m shopping for clothes, I am mostly looking for something that would be good to tango in. And I now wear high heels – and stilettos at that – and actually enjoy it. I’m not sure there are many people who can say they reached 30 without owning a pair of stilettos.

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quote_closeI see my non-tango friends less often but strangely enough, I now hug people more – I think it’s due to an increased tolerance to people being in my personal space. Funny however how I now make sure I hug people symmetrically – much like the tango embrace!