This is simply put what Sabrina answered when asked “what do you do differently now that you dance tango?” Have a read, it’s fun and entertaining.


quote_openLet me first confess that 8 months after starting tango, I have became a Tango addict. Here is what it means…

Tango is taking over my life!

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As a Tango addict, I quickly found out I wanted to dedicate more and more time to tango. It’s very different to anything else I’ve done before.

Initially, in June 2013, I started quite low-key: I said to myself “ok, let’s book just one class to see if you like it” – to be honest, I thought it would not last long and and that I was going to quit in no time. However, to my surprise, I stuck with it.


I started with 1.5 hours of tuition per week and gradually increased to 5 hours per week. I have to say that now, I don’t find it sufficient. I would like to do more but at the moment, I don’t have the guts to attend more advanced classes. My target now is to have lessons every day or 6 days a week at least. I am working on it, especially on making tango fit within my busy work and social schedule! I figure that some people go to the gym every day, so it is perfectly fine to tango every day.

No more wasting money in gym memberships!

Before tango, I used to take annual gym memberships, only to go twice a year -please keep this to yourself, I’m not that proud of it! 🙂 I also tried ballroom dancing, prepaid for some lessons and did only half of them. I have now gotten rid of most of these recurrent payments to fund my new tango addiction. Not that I miss it to be fair…

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In daily life, I try to walk in a more balanced way, to practice my changes of weight when I stop or whilst waiting at the traffic lights. I even walk backwards to practice – but I check first that the way if free!


Music = tango, tango, tango

Most of my free time is dedicated to listening to Tango music. My initially very small collection grew and from the three classic orchestras (D’Arienzo, Di Sarli and Pugliese), I discovered D’ Agostino, De Angelis, Donato, Lomuto, Firpo, Troilo, Garcia, De Caro, Castillo.

It is very nice to know how the melody evolves in a song and I find it exhilarating to dance on one of my favourite tunes.

I know now that men can multi-task

In general, women have serious doubts about men and multitasking.

I have to confess that tango made me change my mind, as there’s no doubt a tanguero is a real multi-tasking man. I admire them: they listen to the music, feel it, transmit it to us followers, readjust in case of miscommunication and take care of any danger on the dancefloor. Phew…

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 Passwords solved!

With so many songs names, my problem with passwords is solved! La yumba, Cachila, Pavadita, El choclo… Take eight characters, add some numbers, a special character if required and you are done!


A new love story with high heels I never was a fan of high heels – Wearing heels was a torture at the very beginning of my tango life. Now I wear heels at work in order to get used to it. Tango shoes are elegant, comfortable and beautiful, so how could I not be in love with them! My Tango shoe collection also increased in number, as expected for any Tango addict…


Argentine tango London | Travel spacer_small Holidays and mini breaks

I now plan my holidays around Tango, of course. Apart form la Meca del tango (Buenos Aires), any city, town or village in the world has to have tango schools or milongas to be on my consideration list. Otherwise, it’s a no go. My friends used to call me “valijita” (little suitcase), because I was always traveling around, visiting cities or friends. Now they call me “milonguita”, as I replaced my suitcase for a Tango shoe bag.

Some of my weekends are booked out because of tango activities, which means no trip. Also, there can’t be any travel on Friday evenings as this is when I have my private classes, so no chance to catch an evening flight.

Is it worth it?

quote_closeTango creates a special connection within the dance couple and allows both partners to enjoy the dancing. The feeling is sublime. I am a happier person, since I dance Tango.