The first thing to do when putting together a wedding first dance is choosing a piece of tango music you both like. Here’s a list of great choices for your first dance if you’re still not set on a particular song.

If none of these catches your fancy, not to worry, there are hundreds of tango songs to choose from! If you think about which mood you’d like to create, no doubt we’ll find an appropriate song in no time.


“Scent of a Woman”

This song, called “Por una cabeza”, is a great classic for a wedding first dance, inspired by Al Pacino’s moving performance in the movie Scent of a Woman.


“Por una cabeza” by Hugo Díaz

An alternative version of the song Por una cabeza is the less known but equally beautiful version by the harmonica player Hugo Díaz.


“Poema” by Francisco Canaro

This is a very romantic song, beautiful and with a clear rhythm, at times melodic and at times more powerful, which will allow a variety of moves.


“Esta noche de Luna” by José García

“This moonlit night” is another beautiful love song. This is the version by José García, who wrote the song.


“Al Compás del Corazón” by Miguel Caló

To end this list, what best than a song titled “to the beat of the heart”?


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See you soon on the dancefloor!

Nati y Bruno