Every Tuesday, we’ll publish a different tanda on our blog, to get you inspired for the week. Expect some humming or little twitches from your foot – better not fight it.

Today: 4 little gems by Tanturi with Campos.

Tanturi’s orchestra distinguished itself for the quality of its singers. The collaboration between Tanturi and the singer Castillo produced some of the classics on the dancefloor nowadays, including “asi se baila el tango” (which we’ve translated in English). When Enrique Campos replaced Castillo, he also took the leading role in the orchestra. Following the example set by Castillo, Campos was very engaged with the public and made no attempts to display his vocal skills. He sang in an indifferent, unexcited, simple fashion. Behind him, the orchestra sounded self-confident, precise and discreet, with a plain perfection. All this made the 51 songs recorded by Tanturi-Campos treasuries of the genre.

NB: The best way to improve your tango dancing is to know the music you dance on!


Oigo tu voz

Performance by Javier Rodriguez y Andrea Missé in 2011:



Una Emoción






See you soon on the dancefloor!


Nati y Bruno