Every Tuesday, we’ll publish a different tanda on our blog, to get you inspired for the week. Expect some humming or little twitches from your foot – better not fight it.

This week is a tango tanda by Ricardo Tanturi.

Alfredo Le Pera wrote the lyrics of the tango “Recuerdo malevo” and so we thought a tanda with this tango would be a great way to pay tribute to his work today.


Así se baila el tango

Así se baila el tango (This is how to dance tango) became immensely famous and quite a controversy with Castillo’s unique and controversial interpretation. As a song symbolising the power struggle between classes, it has a unique place in the history of tango and the Argentine society.

Read more about the story behind the song and the lyrics in English.


Canción de Rango


Recuerdo malevo

To read the lyrics of Recuerdo Malevo, have a look at the web site todotango.

A otra cosa, che pebeta

Composed by Ricardo Tanturi with lyrics written by Enrique Cadicamo, A Otra Cosa, Che Pebeta is a song of rejection, with lyrics structured as a dialogue between the poet and his lost love – whether the dialogue is real or imagined, the song doesn’t say…

Read more about the story behind the song and the lyrics in English.

See you soon on the dancefloor!


Nati y Bruno

Picture: tangosalbardo.blogspot.com. From left to right: Manuel Buzón, Domingo Federico, Enrique Mario Francini, Osvaldo Pugliese, Alfredo De Angelis and Ricardo Tanturi