Every Tuesday, we’ll publish a different tanda on our blog, to get you inspired for the week. Expect some humming or little twitches from your foot – better not fight it.

Today, we’re exploring the Guardia Vieja (the old guard) with one of the most famous orchestra of the era: Orquesta típica Victor.

The Orquesta Típica Victor was the house band of the Victor record label. In those days, tango musicians were contracted to a record label. The Típica Victor began in 1925 when the pianist Adolfo Carabelli, artistic director of the Victor company, decided to form an orchestra. His first line-up included great names including Ciríaco Ortíz and Luis Petrucelli on bandoneón. The orchestra was very successful until it was disbanded in 1944.

The Típica Victor never appeared in public, being created exclusively for recording purposes, but they had a highly danceable style which displayed the brilliance of its soloists.

NB: The best way to improve your tango dancing is to know the music you dance on!


Pa’ mi es igual


Nunca tuvo novio


Organito callejero


Derecho viejo


See you soon on the dancefloor!


Nati y Bruno

Source about Orquesta Victor history: http://www.milonga.co.uk/tango/victor.shtml