Every Tuesday, we’ll publish a different tanda on our blog, to get you inspired for the week. Expect some humming or little twitches from your foot – better not fight it.

This week, an unexpected selection, to keep you on your toes, but so very tango!


Billy Jean

This is of course an unmissable classic, because sometimes, walking in tango can feel and look like Michael Jackson’s moonwalking. Great footwork and lots of ideas for original adornos (guaranteed: never seen before on the dancefloor) .


I’m too sexy

This is a great reference to what non tango-dancers think tango is about. In this video, we found lots of inspiration for our Spring / Summer clothing collection. Expect to see similar outfits on the dancefloor soon… brought to you by Tanguito, of course!


Girls just wanna have fun

I couldn’t agree more with Cindy, especially when I’m at a class or a milonga overwhelmingly attended by ladies. It doesn’t happen that much these days and in some of our classes, there are now more gentlemen than ladies. It’s about time boys wanna have fun too (again)!


Dancing queen

On the right music, in the right arms, this is how we ladies, all feel like!

See you soon on the dancefloor for these classics!

NB: When it’s not April’s fool, we usually play more traditional tandas! Check them all out on our blog. 🙂


Nati y Bruno