You’ve seen the moves on Strictly. We all know what tango looks like, but what’s the profile of those learning tango as a social dance? Are they coming from special job sectors, are they young or not, are all men handsome, skilled, confident? Are they all coming in couples or do you find singles? We’ve secretly joined a few tango classes in London. Incognito. Here’s what you can find in these classes…

You can find the overconfident type who’ve done years of ballet and who quickly realise that it might not be of that much help in the end.

You can find the young couple, madly in love, anxiously preparing for their wedding first dance.

You can find the retired couple who thought it would simply be fabulous to learn how to dance together after spending so many years together.

You can find the City Banker, who quickly drops his tie as he walks through the door and who’s looking to add a bit of emotion and self-expression to his number-oriented left brain dominated life.

You can find the single thirty something lady who’s trying to forget her ex.

You’ll find a lady who can’t stop looking at her boyfriend when he invites someone else, because she’s utterly jealous.

You’ll find two good friends, one of which is taking the place of the other’s ex-girlfriend who won’t attend now that they’ve split up.

You’ll find a little shy one, who ends up shining and owning the dance floor after only 3 classes.

At our Argentine tango classes, against what we expected, we were surprised to realise that we could not find a specific profile. In fact, it looks like you’ll find anyone and everyone. A little bit like London in fact. So it felt we entered in a miniaturised version of our great, mighty city – with an Argentine tango flavour, of course. And we loved it!