… is the instrument Carlos Di Sarli played and directed his orchestra from.

Carlos Di Sarli was a talented pianist, maybe one of the most important, using his instrument to master the synchrony and the performance of the whole orchestra.

In his orchestral scheme there were not instrumental solos. The bandoneon section at times sang the melody, but it had an essentially rhythmic and danceable role. Only the violin was showcased in an extremely delicate way, on a brief solo or on a counter melody.

The piano led in a suggesting way, with an embellished bass line, which turned into a trademark of the maestro, linking the bars of the piece and stressing the delicate, elegant rhythm.


Di Sarli will be our orchestra until the end of our academic year, and we’ll post more blogs about his career, personality and music.

Source: http://www.todotango.com/english/artists/biography/36/Carlos-Di-Sarli/