Tonight, we had the visit of a lovely lady from (the London review site) who participated in a class and wrote a very detailed article on what she felt during the class. Take a look!

Posted by May B on Wednesday 16th of November 2011,

Anyone who’s watched even a sliver of Strictly Come Dancing must have toyed with the idea of going along to some dance classes so that they can emulate the grace or passion of the dancers on our Saturday night screens.

And so, this evening, I found myself leaving the office in the City and taking the Northern line to Angel to attend an Argentine Tango lesson. It’s a drop-in affair (£15 a go) which is just as well as my “partner” for the evening dropped-out at the last minute leaving me alone and clutching only a cup of coffee for moral support.[…]

The classes for beginners are on Wednesdays and Thursdays and run from 730pm to 930pm. Being early I chatted to Bruno, the leader and his follower, the petite and pretty Natalie. They have a passion for their subject and charmed the other early birds with the history of Argentine Tango – lots of European men went to Buenos Aires to earn money for their families back home. And such was the gender imbalance that they honed their dance skills in order to compete for the few women available as dance partners.

Read the rest of the article below:

See you soon on the dancefloor!