Just a few World Records involving Tango that may interest you. If any of you are feeling particularly competitive, let us know 😉

A man from the UK holds the title for “oldest competitive ballroom dancer”; Frederick Salter. He passed his Gold Bar Level 3 exams in Latin and Ballroom with honours at the age of 100 – actually, almost 101 years old! He performed the Rumba, Cha Cha, Samba, Paso for his Latin numbers and Tango along with Quickstep, Waltz and Foxtrot for ballroom. He didn’t just pass his exams, oh no; he achieved 99.75/100 for both categories! Go Frederick!

The UK also hold the current world record for “most styles danced simultaneously to one music track”. This took place on 5th October 2008 in Leicester at the One Rhythm Dance Festival. The track was ‘Dancing in the Streets’ and 48 styles were featured one after the other in the song’s short 2 minute duration! 592 people were directly involved in dancing and they still remain unbeaten!

Kelly Ranasinghe and Victoria Sudakov from the US hold the current world record for “longest distance danced by a couple” at an impressive 3.125 miles in just an hour and 13 minutes. They danced the American tango, along with the Quickstep and American Waltz and remain undefeated since 11th October 2003! Something you may want to challenge?

Emma Langschied