By Fresedo and Pacheco – 1952

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A love song by Fresedo, and a beautiful one, filled with melancholy and hope. One that will make your winter evenings warm and cosy.

The story behind Vida mía

The melodious Vida mía (You’re my life) is amongst Osvaldo (and Emilio) Fresedo’s most famous tangos. A beautiful love song.

Being born in Buenos Aires to a wealthy family definitely influenced Fresedo’s art: his orchestra, refined and aristocratic, was the favourite of upper circles. However, the neighbourhood he grew up in equally had a bearing on him – when he was ten, his family surprisingly decided to move to La Paternal, a humble suburban neighbourhood. There he started playing the bandoneon and became acquainted with tango.

During his career, the longest one in tango history (over 1,250 recordings over 63 years), Fresedo was known as El pibe de La Paternal, the kid from La Paternal.

Contrary to some of his other songs such as Arrabalero, which deal with the struggle of life in the Arrabales, the poor neighbourhoods surrounding Buenos Aires, Vida Mia is a love song. It tells the story of two lovers who’ve been apart and his journey as he walks back to see her again. Unlike most tango songs, it is not a tale of lost love, but a hopeful story of thriving love.

This song has been translated by Tanguito, Argentine Tango Academy.

We hope you enjoy this translation. If you have any comments, don’t hesitate to drop either of us a line.

Nathalie, Tanguito

The music

The lyrics

Siempre igual es el camino
que ilumina y dora el sol…
Si parece que el destino
más lo alarga
para mi dolor.

Y este verde suelo,
donde crece el cardo
lejos toca el cielo
cerca de mi amor…
Y de cuando en cuando un nido
para que lo envidie yo.

Vida mía,
lejos mas te quiero.
Vida mía,
piensa en mi regreso.
Se que el oro
no tendrá tus besos,
y es por eso que te quiero más.
Vida mía,
hasta apuro el aliento
acercando el momento
de acariciar
Sos mi vida
y quisiera llevarte
a mi lado prendida
y así ahogar mi soledad.

Ya parece que la huella
va perdiendo su color
y saliendo las estrellas
dan al cielo
todo su esplendor.
Y de poco a poco
luces que titilan
dan severo tono
mientras huye el sol.
De esas luces que yo veo
ella una la encendió.

Always the same is the path
gilded in sunshine…
But it feels that fate
stretches it further
because of my sorrow.

And this green land,
where thistles grow
tall, reaching towards the sky
where my love is…
And from time to time a taunting nest
that I envy.

My life,
from afar I love you even more,
My life,
think about me coming back.
I know that gold
will not have your kisses,
and for that, I love you more.
My life,
I even breathe faster
as I get closer to the time
to stroke
You are my life
and I’d love to have you
pinned by my side,
to drown my loneliness.

It looks like the track
is already fading
and as they come out, the stars
give the sky
all its splendour.
And little by little
the twinkling lights
give a harsh tone
while the sun escapes.
Of all the lights I see,
there’s one she lit.