Music: José García / Graciano Gómez – Lyrics: Héctor Marcó

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Esta Noche de Luna (A moonlit night), composed by José García and Graciano Gómez with lyrics of Héctor Marcó is an exceedingly sensual love song, which portrays the vulnerable yet intense longing for another person in a very poetic and dramatic manner.

The song uses various images of nature, hence conveying strong emotions such as longing and despair in a way that makes us feel close to the poet’s personal drama: the sky has been used to express how minuscule the poet feels to the world and to love, and the sea to communicate his feeling of being swept off his feet with no control. These are beautiful and universal images to express the sorrow caused by love.

Witchcraft and spells are referred to throughout the song, expressing the idea that love is out of this world, that it can be magical when it goes right or witchcraft when it doesn’t.

Esta noche de luna has been translated by Tanguito, Argentine Tango Academy in London. If you feel have any comment or have other interpretations of the lyrics, please feel free to share your opinion, we’d love to hear what you think. 🙂

Nathalie, Tanguito

The music

The lyrics

Acercate a mí
y oirás mi corazón
contento latir
como un brujo reloj.

La noche es azul,
convida a soñar,
ya el cielo ha encendido
su faro mejor.

Si un beso te doy,
pecado no ha de ser;
culpable es la noche
que incita a querer.
Me tienta el amor,
acércate ya,
que el credo de un sueño
nos revivirá.

Corre, corre barcarola,
por mi río de ilusión.
Que en el canto de las olas
surgirá mi confesión.

Soy una estrella en el mar
que hoy detiene su andar
para hundirse en tus ojos.
Y en el embrujo
de tus labios muy rojos,
por llegar a tu alma
mi destino daré.

Soy una estrella en el mar
que hoy se pierde al azar
sin amor ni fortuna.
Y en los abismos
de esta noche de luna,
sólo quiero vivir,
de rodilla a tus pies,
para amarte y morir.

Acércate a mí
y oirás mi corazón
contento latir
como un brujo reloj.
Mi voz te dirá
Palabras de miel
que harán de tu pecho
fuego encender.
El canto del mar
repite en su rumor
qué noche de luna,
qué noche de amor.
Dichoso de aquel
que pueda decir,
yo tengo un cariño
qué dulce es vivir.

Corre, corre barcarola,
que la luna se escondió.

Come close to me
and you’ll hear
my heart beating happily,
like a witch’s clock.

The blue night
is an invitation to dream,
the sky has already lit up
its brightest beacon.

If I give you a kiss,
it won’t be a sin;
the culprit is the night
that inspires love.
Love is so tempting.
Come close now,
believing in a dream
will bring us back to life.

Run, run, barcarolle*
on the river of my illusion.
In the melody of the waves,
my confession will emerge.

I am a star at sea,
which today stopped in its tracks
to sink in your eyes.
And under the spell
of your scarlet lips,
for touching your soul,
my destiny I will give.

I am a star at sea
which today loses itself at random,
with no love and no fortune.
In the depths
of this moonlit night,
I only want to live,
kneeling at your feet,
to love you and to die.

Come close to me,
and you’ll hear
my heart beating happily
like a witch’s clock.
My voice will tell you
words of honey,
that will inflame,
your heart.
The melody of the sea
repeats in its rumour,
what a moonlit night,
what a night of love.
Fortunate is the one
who can say,
I have love.
How sweet it is to live.

Run, run, barcarolle*,
The moon hid away.

*a song traditionally sung by Venetian gondoliers.