Music: Raúl Fernández Siro – Lyrics: Homero Manzi

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Ninguna (None) is a sublime metaphor of lost love, where everyday objects talk about the poet’s object of affection and everything points to the emptiness that she left behind. In this emptiness, nostalgia survives, and life must carry on.

Some say the lyrics of this song were inspired by the singer Nelly Omar, who had a long lasting amorous relationship with the poet Homero Manzi. A faboulous singer who’s now in her 90’s, and still sings with a clear, young voice, Nelly is renowned for her phrasing, technical perfection and impeccable taste.

Whilst Ninguna was not written by D’Agostino, his orchestra’s interpretation with Angel Vargas stands out for its romantic, intimate, poignant and smooth interpretation.

Ninguna has been translated by Tanguito, Argentine Tango Academy in London. If you have any comment or have other interpretations of the lyrics, please feel free to share your opinion, we’d love to hear what you think. 🙂

Nathalie, Tanguito

The music

The lyrics

Esta puerta se abrió para tu paso.
Este piano tembló con tu canción.
Esta mesa, este espejo y estos cuadros
guardan ecos del eco de tu voz.
Es tan triste vivir entre recuerdos…
Cansa tanto escuchar ese rumor
de la lluvia sutil que llora el tiempo
sobre aquello que quiso el corazón.

No habrá ninguna igual, no habrá ninguna,
ninguna con tu piel ni con tu voz.
Tu piel, magnolia que mojó la luna.

Tu voz, murmullo que entibió el amor.
No habrá ninguna igual, todas murieron
en el momento que dijiste adiós.

Cuando quiero alejarme del pasado,
es inútil… me dice el corazón.
Ese piano, esa mesa y esos cuadros
guardan ecos del eco de tu voz.
En un álbum azul están los versos
que tu ausencia cubrió de soledad.
Es la triste ceniza del recuerdo
nada más que ceniza, nada más…

This door opened for you.
This piano shivered with your singing.
This table, this mirror and these pictures
keep echoes of the echo of your voice.
It is so sad to live among memories…
It is so tiring to listen to the murmur
of the subtle rain drops, little tears that tell time about my heart wishes.

There will be no equal, there will be none,
none with your skin or with your voice.
Your skin, a magnolia dampened by the moon.
Your voice, a whispering that heated up love.
There will be no equal, they all died
the instant you said good bye.

When I want to leave the past behind,
It’s useless… says my heart.
This piano, this table and these pictures
keep echoes of the echo of your voice.
In a blue album are the verses
that your absence covered with loneliness.
Sad ashes of my memory,
nothing more than ashes, nothing more….