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Emotional, poetic, disciplined, physical, addictive, unpredictable, passionate, authentic, spiritual…. We could go on and on. Tango isn’t definable by a few words, which is why it has such a huge and varied following – it’s got something to attract everyone.


To us, tango is perfection

To us, Argentine tango at its finest is sheer perfection. It is a moment where time itself seems to stop or bend in order to allow two people to connect and express themselves in complete unity with the music and with one another.


Tango is sharing

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Tango is the joy of sharing a beautiful, peaceful moment with someone else. It is about sharing the same beat, whether it is a music beat or heart beat and moving together in harmony. It is the joy of establishing a wordless but powerful dialogue where silences and pauses can say more than words and moves.

Forget about the stereotype that pretends that men lead and women follow. Tango is a two-way dialogue. It is about a physical, emotional and spiritual encounter between two people who can communicate wholly without words.


Tango is sincerity

This encounter of course is facilitated by the music, at turns melancholic, at turns lively, but always sincere and true to itself. Because the music is so sincere and so grounded in real life situations and real people, dancing tango is also grounded in sincerity – sincerity of the embrace, sincerity of the interpretation of the music, sincerity to oneself and to one’s partner in order to dance ‘from the inside out’, to express one’s feelings and emotions and not to cheapen the experience by just robotically mimicking a routine.


Tango is uniqueness

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We might rate seasoned tango dancers and envy their style but we all are unique, have unique bodies, unique personalities and so, unique ways of holding ourselves, moving and dancing. We teach all sorts of people and want to continue doing that because we strongly feel everyone can dance Argentine tango and contribute towards the development of this beautiful dance.


No matter how many times you dance to the same tune, every time is unique. No matter how many times you dance with the same partner, every time is unique. You might see people (including myself) jump to their feet when they hear their favourite tango, milonga or waltz melody, as if it were the very last time they would dance to this tune. In a way, it’s true because next time it will be a different night, a different mood, a different milonga, a different partner. It will be a different dance all together.


Tango is addiction

In a society that is becoming increasingly anonymous and indifferent, tango is a beautiful (and highly addictive) way to spend time with one another and to embrace another person (who doesn’t like a hug?) This alone has the potential to bring amazing amounts of happiness.

Don’t be fooled: you might think that tango is something you pick. Think again. Tango picks you.