Every week, you’ll find on our blog class notes and a summary video from our Wednesday Improver / Intermediate group class, our Thursday beginner group class and our weekend milonga group classes.

These video and notes are meant to help our students remember what they’ve done in class.

Theme: Ocho cortado

The ocho cortado is a classic on the dancefloor as it is a playful, musical step which doesn't take any space and can therefore be used in busy milongas. It is in everyone's repertoire of steps.

Summary video


Rebound and pendulum

To help you get the rebounds and change of lane, we started the class with a rebound followed by a pendulum move.


  • When doing a rebound, you need to transfer your axis forward a bit. This means that you can’t just extend the free leg without moving your torso (or the follower won’t move). Equally, it is not a full transfer of weight (or the follower will make a full step).
  • For the rebound, as soon as your toes touch the floor, you need to push back immediately to come back to your axis.
  • When coming out of the rebound, you need to reposition your right foot slightly inward in order to create space for the follower to go to your right side.
  • To lead the pendulum, you need to “mime” the pendulum effect with your torso, by going up a little and creating a suspension effect.


  • In the rebound, don’t allow your heel to drop. Imagine the air is thicker or more dense than normal, and you try and resist with your heel so that it stays up. Move with the leader and rebound backwards, then immediately step forward to his right side as he creates space for you.
  • For the pendulum, first extend the leg, then point the foot and last lift the leg straight. When you reach your limit in terms of flexibility, bend the knee. Keep your hips still and don’t allow your pelvis to tilt forward. It’s better to lift less and to protect your posture than to go too high and compromise it!


Basic ocho cortado

  • To lead the cross, you need to create a void in front of you by transferring your weight slightly back.


  • For the pivot, make sure you pass by neutral and pivot with your feet together.
  • At the side step, you should be facing the leader completely.
  • For the cross, first pivot your torso, then the foot of your supporting leg, and last your free leg, to cross forward. At the cross, you should be back facing your partner, not at a 90 degree angle with him.
  • As you cross, immediately transfer your weight to the front leg but wait for the lead to exit the cross.


Cortado with small arrastre


  • To create the arrastre,
  • To lead the follower around you, use your dissocation to make her take two large steps around you. Before changing your own weight, make sure your torso is already facing the other side. If you step too soon, the follower will step too and thus won’t be completing the 180 degree turn.
  • This is a really great step to use in conjunction with cortados, when dancing on rhythmical songs and when you are stuck on the dancefloor.


  • During the arrastre, keep your foot in contact with the leader’s foot and by having a gentle pressure against his foot, hence allowing him to sweep yours.

See you soon on the dancefloor,

Nati y Bruno